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Our Clients

If you are a client or agency and are wondering how you can create an experience that will engage and hold the audience, then we here at Live Marketing have the personnel, experience, and creative professionalism to deliver.

We specialize in creating outstanding experiential campaigns that engage consumers into your brand.

We work with in the FMCG, public and retail sectors, as well as supporting promotional, advertising, and PR agencies.

Live marketing is a natural progression from traditional marketing techniques. It is widely accepted that consumers are becoming oblivious to traditional marketing techniques used to communicate core messages. To the target audience, most advertising has become "white noise" or "wallpaper".

The positive nature of Live Marketing creates an impression that the selective consumer will find difficult to resist, and take on board the core brand messages that are being communicated.

Live Marketing is not just active, it is "interactive". It is the engagement and stimulation of the 5 senses in a uniquely personal brand experience